We would like to welcome all families, both new and continuing to Poseidon Primary, an award-winning independent public school. Our school provides high quality programs, a safe and caring environment and the opportunity for all students to achieve their full potential.

The school’s vision ‘Creating Opportunities Together’ and the school purpose statement ‘To provide a learning environment that facilitates the academic, social and personal growth of all children in the school’ reflect the holistic view the school community embraces towards education.

Poseidon Primary has undergone a process of revitalization, establishing an agreed set of values, a school vision and a school wide pedagogy. The combination of these three components provide the school community with both the direction and structures necessary to provide our students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to be successful in our twenty first century society.

We welcome you to Poseidon Primary and look forward to building positive and productive partnerships with all families as their children progress on their journey of education. Parents interested in enrolling students are warmly invited to visit and view our school facilities and discuss the programs available at Poseidon Primary.

Peter Blackford

Michael Wright
Associate Principal

School Creed

School CreedThis is our school
Let peace dwell here
Let the rooms be full of contentment
Let love abide here
Love of one another
Love of mankind, and
Love of life itself
Let us remember
As many hands build a house
So many hearts make a school


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