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Enrolment Policy

In keeping with Department of Education policy, the Poseidon Primary’s enrolment protocol is non-discriminatory and without consideration of religious denomination, race or academic achievement. Admission is subject to approval by the Principal. Special needs requirements or family court orders must be declared on the admission from. We have a review and assessment period to ensure each child is placed appropriately. The school has a dress code policy that requires students to wear a uniform.

Please click the below links to open the enrolment forms.  Alternatively complete enrolment packs can be obtained from the front office.
Poseidon Primary – School Enrolment Form
Department of Education – Application for Enrolment

Poseidon Primary has a local-intake area, which guarantees a place at our school for students living within the boundary. If you are outside our intake-area, you will need to go through an interview process with our Principal. Please contact our Front Office for more information.

Poseidon Primary School Intake Area Map

Children Transferring

When children are about to leave our school or transfer to another school, parents are asked to contact us at least a week beforehand (or more if at all possible). This will provide adequate time to enable the staff to ensure that all records, books, medical cards, reports, etc have been completed or checked prior to the child’s departure. It also allows us to farewell our students and wish them all the best in their new school.

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