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Early Childhood Programs

Poseidon Primary has purpose-built early childhood facilities to cater for the needs of our Kindergarten and Pre Primary students. It is widely recognised that the most powerful way that young children learn is through play. Play is both active and interactive and it fosters children learning together. Interest centres within the classrooms encourage play-based interaction between the children. The focus changes frequently in response to the developmental learning programs, and takes into account and builds on the children’s varied development, needs and interests as well as their backgrounds and experiences. The classrooms feature up-to-date resources and our teachers provide carefully selected programs to maximise learning opportunities. Our programs are thematically presented while being developmentally based, with an integrated approach.

Our Kindergarten and Pre-Primary classes have an ongoing focus on the development of strong literacy skills using The Jolly Phonics and Sound Waves programs. We have also introduced the ABC Reading Eggs program for the children to use as a school-home supported program. We have had excellent results, with most Kindy students reading simple words and texts independently before the end of the year and Pre Primary students well on the way to being independent and confident writers and readers.

In 2018, children who were born between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014 will attend Kindergarten (4 year old program), and children born between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013 will attend Pre Primary (5 year old program).

0-3 Playgroup Program

Our very popular and highly successful playgroup operates one morning per week in the Artemis block. The program is designed to develop good speaking and listening habits and encourage literacy. Parents are rostered each week and are responsible for organising a simple activity to do with the children and to select a text to read to the group at the end of the session. Parents have embraced this with enthusiasm and some have even planned activities linked to the story that they chose to read, resulting in even stronger literacy links for the children. The overall timetable of the Playgroup operates on a model similar to our Kindergarten timetable and we have found that the children progressing from our Playgroup to Kindergarten have made a highly successful transition.

For further information about our Playgroup and Kindergarten programs, please send a message to our Early Learning Co-ordinator Biljana Wright using the form below.

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