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Additional Programs

Poseidon Primary has specialist physical education, visual arts, drama and music teachers who provide our students with access to high quality programs in these areas.

Physical Education

An important part of the school curriculum, Physical Education helps to develop in our students the skills and attitudes that will allow them to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. In the early years the focus is developing fundamental movement skills, whilst in the remainder of the school the focus is on fundamental game strategies.

In addition to teaching Physical Education our specialist also coordinates a successful school fitness program, which runs three mornings a week. Our Year 4 to 6 students’ fitness is promoted through a multi-level fitness challenge plan with students’ achievements at each level being acknowledged and rewarded. At recess and lunch the coordinator also ensures our students have plenty of healthy play options.  Students are also able to participate in a variety of specialised clinics appropriate to their year levels. The clinics included football, cricket, hockey, basketball and rugby.

Our students represent the school in Interschool Cross Country, Athletics and the Winter Sports Lightning Carnival. The level of good sportsmanship has always been evident at Poseidon Primary and is something of which our community is proud.


2018 is an exciting year for language learning, with the introduction of Language Other Than English (LOTE) from Year 3 at all Western Australian schools.

At Poseidon Primary, students in Mrs Paragalli’s Year 3 and Mrs Porro’s Year 2/3 class receive weekly instruction in Bahasa Indonesia, using the WA Education Departments ‘Ketawa’ Program.  Indonesian and ICT are linked through programs such as Languages Online.

indonesia flagWhy learn Indonesian?
There are many benefits to learning a second language.  As well as nurturing respect and cultural understanding, learning a language is great brain exercise enhancing our memory and speech.

Learning the Indonesian language and culture teaches students how to learn a language and it may be used as a steppingstone for other language studies in the future.

Indonesian language skills can open doors to a wide range of employment opportunities in areas of government, education, business, tourism, travel, translating and interpreting, the military, medicine, law, engineering and journalism.  As Australia’s nearest Asian neighbour Indonesia is a fascinating and affordable country in which to travel, study or work.

It is interesting to know that the Indonesian language is little easier for English speakers to learn than some other Asian languages because it uses the same written script and it is a non-tonal language.

In Term Swimming

Education Department Swimming Classes are available for all children Pre Primary to Year 6 for two weeks during the year. The school takes the strong view that all students should attend unless medically unfit to do so as we regard in-term swimming as an important part of our Physical Education program. Times for swimming can vary as can venues but ours are generally held at the Joondalup Arena, or Craigie Leisure Centre.

School Dance Program

All students from Pre Primary to Year 6 participate in a dance program. Humphries Dance Studios conducts all lessons for one hour a week over an eight week period. Students learnt salsa, jive, polka, cha cha, samba, hip-hop and line dances. Dance lessons are another important part of our Physical Education program and all students are expected to participate unless they are medically unfit to do so. The final session is a whole school free dress social dance. Parents are invited to watch and join in, and enjoy a sausage sizzle lunch.

Visual Arts

Our art specialist operates a vibrant and challenging Art program for students in Years 1 to 6 in our recently completed purpose built art room. The highlight of the year is an art show in which every student has some of their work on display for the school community.

Music and Drama

Our Music specialist operates a general program in our purpose built music room for students in Years 1 to 6. Students from Years 2 to 6 also have the option of joining the School Choir. The choir performs at assemblies, aged persons facilities and One Big Voice (formerly Westcoast Songfest), Western Australia’s largest children’s’ choir festival.

The Drama program is offered to Year 3 to 6 students. The children are involved in tasks that require them to use their imagination and creativity to produce, practice and present performances to an audience. With a strong emphasis on the three C’s of drama – cooperation, communication and concentration, the children also have lots of fun!

Primary Music Institute (PMI) Keyboard Lessons

PMI run keyboard lessons on our school grounds once per week during school hours.   PMI supply keyboards and textbooks for the lessons which run for 30 minutes.

  • Small group lesson (2-5 students) – $15.95 per student
  • Private lesson – $32.95 per student

For more information or enrolment go to http://www.primarymusicinstitute.com.au/


Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) is a part-time program for public school children available to students in Years 5 and 6. Several of our students participate in these innovative and challenging programs, having been formally assessed across the district in Year 4. Children are withdrawn from regular class to attend PEAC programs. Classroom teachers also make use of the excellent extension ideas from the school’s Talented and Gifted Students Resource File, catering for these students in their mainstream teaching and learning programs.

Sustainability Programs

Poseidon Primary has always been involved with projects that promote, support and enhance values associated with sustainability. We have been a Water and Waste Wise school for many years now. The latest addition to this program has been the creation of The Garden – a hydroponics and worm farm herb and vegetable garden. Classes have the opportunity to accept responsibility for a section of this new garden and grow herbs or vegetables as part of their learning programs. Eventually we hope to be able to supply the canteen with produce to use in the preparation of healthy lunches.

Lego® Robotics Club

Poseidon Primary has an after school Lego® Robotics Club lead by Mr Swan and passionate parent, Peter Atkinson.  The club runs on a Monday from 3pm to 5pm and is suitable for Years 4 through 6 as the programming concepts the students learn are quite advanced.  Students will participate in coding, engineering concepts, team building and have the opportunity to compete at the annual First Lego® League held locally.   Our school teams have achieved outstanding success each year competing against teams of much older students in the annual First Lego® League.  Our school had a team represent WA in the National First Lego® League in Sydney in 2017.

Lego pic for website

Registration forms are located in the front office or download below.

Lego Robotics Club Letter & Registration Form


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