Aug 24

Newsletter Vol. 13

I would like to congratulate all the members of our Interschool Cross Country Team on another magnificent effort last Thursday, in which Poseidon Primary finished third overall.  This result reflects the time and effort the students and staff have put into training for this event as part of the school’s daily fitness program which commenced at the beginning of Term Two

Why is cooperative learning a Poseidon Primary priority?

On a daily basis teachers and students from K-6 use cooperative learning strategies.  This feature of our school has been developed because research indicates  that when cooperative learning is implemented effectively, the following student outcomes can be achieved : increased engagement in learning; higher self-esteem; higher achievement; increased retention; greater collaborative skills; greater intrinsic motivation; better attitudes to school and greater use of higher level reasoning. WOW!  You can see why we are focusing on cooperative approaches to learning. This term class teachers have been selecting strategies relevant to their students’ needs.  There has been a school wide focus on the strategies of ‘Inside Outside Circle’.  Also in the early years they have been focusing on Quiz, Quiz, Trade whilst the rest of the school has focused on. other strategies such as Numbered Heads, Think, Pair Share, and Placemat which are being used regularly throughout the school.


Peter Blackford

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