Jun 21

Newsletter Vol. 9

Dear Parents and Carers

Behaviour Management Forms: A Behaviour Management form is sent home to inform parents and carers of incidents where a student’s behaviour has been outside of the class or school rules. A photocopy of the form is made in case a form is misplaced. The form is to be signed and returned to inform the school that the parents and carers are aware of the behaviour.  This also allows the Administration Staff to create a record of behaviour. A member of the Administration Staff will usually make a courtesy phone call if the form is not returned on the next school day.  If a form comes home, please show your support for the school by signing and returning the form.

Semester One Reports: Staff have been working steadily on the production of end of semester reports.  These will be emailed on Tuesday June 26, so that there is time for parents to arrange interviews with teachers, if one has been requested, or they have a concern they wish to discuss with their child’s teacher.

Grades given in these reports are based on the content covered at the mid-point of the year. Grades could vary from Semester One to Semester Two as more content has been covered by the end of the year.

This edition’s “Parenting Ideas – Insights” is entitled ‘Reading your child’s report’ and contains some very constructive suggestions on how to reduce the anxiety levels that are often associated with reports for both students and parents.  Please make the time to read it before you read child’s report this term.



Michael Wright



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