Jul 26

Newsletter Vol. 11

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back to Term Three and what is shaping up to being another busy and exciting term for the students and staff of our great school. Some of the events that have been scheduled for this term include: the Poseidon Spelling Competition, Book Week, RSPCA Cup Cake Day, Interschool Cross Country, Faction and Interschool Athletics carnivals and the School Photograph Day.

I would like to formally acknowledge the leadership and work of Michael Wright as Acting Principal, as well as both Michelle Porro and Margaret Willett as Acting Associate Prinicipals and Debbie Linehan our Manager Corporate Services whilst I was on extend leave. In particular, for the very effective and sensitive way they worked together to support the school community through the emotional time of Mrs Jo-Ann Why’s sudden passing.

Ms Melissa Boyle will be taking over as the school’s Visual Arts Specialist teacher whilst Mrs Loretta Clark is on leave until the end of this term.  Mrs Wakeb has accepted the responsibility for teaching Drama on Tuesdays for the remainder of the year as Mrs Aarons has decided to reduce her teaching time back to two days per week

Poseidon Primary’s Business Plan for 2018-2020 has now been finalised and is available to view on the Poseidon Primary Website.  Printed copies are also available from the Front Office.

Peter Blackford



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