Dec 13

Newsletter Vol. 20

Dear Parents and Carers

All principals would love to have such a supportive community as you have been to myself, the staff and the students over the nearly 10 years that I have had the privilege to be Principal of Poseidon Primary. At one stage we had the biggest P & C in the North Metropolitan Region.  The wider community has also been very supportive of all school events with the most popular over the years being our Learning Journey, Faction Carnival and International Food Day.

So THANK YOU ALL so much for the support and care you have given to our great school.

Many people have asked me if I am excited about my impending retirement.  I am very much looking forward to retiring and don’t regret my decision but, excited is not the term I would use to describe my feeling, it’s more a feeling of apprehension and uncertainty as I have worked for most of my life, but being a fairly flexible and adaptable person I’m sure that it won’t take me long to get used to not working!

Some other people, particularly students have asked me why am I retiring. It took me a little while to find a response that I felt right, which is “Because am old enough to retire and still young enough to still do lots of other things with my life.”

2018 has been a busy and rewarding year.  I am sure, that the Poseidon School will make Melissa Guy feel very welcome and that in 2019 the school will continue Creating Opportunities Together for all students, with a team of dedicated and professional educators, a proactive school board, an enthusiastic P & C and a supportive school community.

Once again, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and safe and happy New Year.


Peter Blackford

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