Feb 19

Newsletter Vol. 1

Dear Parents and Friends,

Welcome Back to Academic Year 2019

It was a delight to welcome our children back for the Academic Year 2019 on Monday 4 February. As we have come to expect they were beautifully dressed in FULL uniform.

Thank you parents and caregivers for ensuring that our school continues to stand out with our dress code, behaviour and academic performance.

Thank you also for ensuring that all items on the Booklists were provided. Class teachers, depending on the age of the children, make a decision to “pool” stationery and set up a sharing system or ask children to only bring items they require immediately in their pencil cases.

The main cause to celebrate is that our children are well settled in their new rooms, making new friends and playing with long standing friends before school, and during recess and lunch.

Please note children will need to be supervised by parents whilst playing on the school grounds after school. Parents of Pre Primary and Kindergarten children are also asked to watch their non-school age children closely as they have in the past used equipment that has been set up for particular use in the classroom and in the school yard.

With best wishes,

Melissa Guy

Phone:  9307 2356
E-Mail:  Melissa.Guy@education.wa.edu.au

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