Mar 05

Newsletter Vol. 2

Dear Parents and Friends,

We were delighted by the response of parents and guardians who attended our Parent Information Sessions that our Teachers presented last week.

We were pleased we achieved our aim of presenting you with the way each class conducts business.  This included a glimpse of processes, procedures, communication and ways in which you can assist your children with learning.

Many thanks to the parents who saw immediately the value of extending teacher contact by scheduling interviews.  We consider these interviews vital in setting up a knowledge base on your child from which we can cater to their individual needs.

These meetings will also assist the teacher to bring any possible further assessments to our attention.  Please make an appointment with Teachers to discuss any issues in which we can assist your child.

With best wishes,

Melissa Guy

Phone:  9307 2356
E-Mail:  Melissa.Guy@education.wa.edu.au

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