For Parents & Carers

Overwhelming evidence shows that the success of students at school increases with a positive partnership between parents and teachers. At Poseidon Primary, parents and care givers are recognised as important contributors to their child’s social, physical, cultural, moral and intellectual development. They are considered partners in the educational process, and parent and carer involvement is welcomed and encouraged. Our staff are keen to involve parents in school life as much as possible, and the school has an open door policy for its community, with many parents assisting teachers in the classroom and in managing the school’s considerable resources.

Parents and carers play an important part in the life of the school:

  • helping with the implementation of a range of in-class programs.
  • assisting with extra curricula activities.
  • participating in the school decision making process via an active Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) and the School Board.
  • supporting the ongoing development of the school resources and facilities.
  • attending parent information sessions and meetings.


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