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2017 Booklist

Poseidon Primary’s preferred supplier is Campion.  The following order forms list the required items for each year level:

To place an online order visit www.campion.com.au and follow these easy steps:

  1. Simply click on “ORDER NOW”
  2. Enter the code as provided on the front cover on your Resource List – G2YN
  3. Enter all relevant student details and select the items you wish to order
  4. Click “Submit Your Order”

Online payments can be made using Visa or Mastercard. An order confirmation will be sent to your specified email address. Alternatively, you can visit Campion at 7 Oxleigh Drive in Malaga. Please read the order forms carefully for more information. Campion can be contacted on (08) 6240 2778 with any queries.

You may purchase the booklist items from any supplier that you wish. However, as Poseidon Primary’s preferred supplier, shopping with Campion acts as a fundraiser for our school. If you do choose to use Campion, Poseidon receives a commission which assists the school to purchase additional resources for the students. Your support is greatly appreciated.


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