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Behaviour Management & Pastoral Care

Poseidon Primary combines our fair and consistent Student Behaviour Management Policy with a pastoral care program to support students and help them to make personal decisions and choices that builds their own self image and promotes positive, caring relationships.

Student Behaviour Management 

Poseidon Primary has a very effective behaviour management policy that is focussed on encouraging positive student behaviour. The system used is a combination of proactive approaches, logical consequences and non-punitive methods of dealing with inappropriate behaviour. This system focuses on developing individual responsibility and self-control and utilises behavioural consequences. In this way, students are encouraged to reflect on their behaviour in order to be self-regulating in their actions and get more favourable results.

The Poseidon Primary behaviour model can invoke a consequence of “time out”. This means the student is isolated within the class initially, or, in cases of continued disruption, an “out of class” area. This is not punishment. It is a time for the student to devise a plan for following the rules – a plan to be submitted to the teacher and shared with parents. The plan includes the student making a commitment to modify their behaviour and needs to be negotiated and accepted by the teacher before the student is able to participate in full classroom activities.

All teachers follow the school’s behaviour management plan which results in a fair and consistent approach being implemented throughout the school. Students are also recognised in a variety ways for displaying positive and caring attitudes to others and the environment

For more information and a copy of our Behaviour Management Plan, please contact the Front Office.

Metropolitan Support Chaplain

In 2010 an agreement between the Western Australian State Government, Department of Education and YouthCARE resulted in a commitment of funds to provide schools with access to a YouthCARE Support Chaplain, at no cost to the school.

Our Support Chaplain is a qualified counsellor.  She is available to assist with the pastoral care and support for staff, students and families, helping with issues such as conflict, hardship, grief and loss. The core practice of our pastoral care is mostly done through one-on-one informal conversations with students, staff and parents. Practical help is also offered where possible, referring students and their families to relevant government and community support organisations when required. This is a non-religious base service.

Appointments with the Support Chaplain can be organised through the Front Office.

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