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School Crossing & Car Parking

A school crossing is supervised by a crosswalk attendant on Poseidon Road, directly opposite the school. Please ensure that your children use the manned crossing, as it is the safest way to cross Poseidon Road. Motorists should be considerate in their parking and respect traffic signs around the school. Please obey the 40kph speed limits in school zones as indicated by road signs around the school roads. And don’t forget to say hi to Bruce, our friendly crossing guard.

Parent Car Parking


Parking map graphic v2

Parent parking is available in Larkspur Place near the front of the school and in Roderick Court.  As per council regulations, parking is not allowed on Poseidon Road or on the verges – failure to comply may incur a council fine.  Click here to view City of Joondalup School Parking Brochure

Parents are asked not to use the Bus Parking bays at pick up and drop off times, as the bus requires these then.  However they can be used during the day.

Parents picking up students after school are requested to take great care and to observe all traffic laws, stressing with children that they do not dart out between parked cars and that they are not to walk through the staff car-park.

Either staff car parks are not to be used for dropping off or picking up students.

U Driveway for Drop Offs and Pick Ups

The “U” driveway at the front of the school is a fast and efficient way to drop off and pick up students.  For safety of children please follow the rules of the driveway.


 Drivers are to drive up to the 2nd yellow line as much as they can,  Passengers can exit or enter vehicles only in the safe green zone, between the yellow lines, shown in the diagram below.

Students are to wait for pick up on the path around the green pick up zone.  If your children are not waiting on the path for you, you must exit the driveway and re-enter so as to not hold up other drivers.

U driveway diagramPlease ensure that all vehicles can move through the driveway, and do not park your car in the driveway to take your children to class.

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