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Poseidon Primary acknowledges that effective communication is the key to success in building a positive relationship between home and school. This relationship plays a vital role in the education of children at our school. Poseidon Primary School Communication Policy was developed as part of the Poseidon Primary Business Plan 2018-2020.

Department of Education Connect and school newsletters are the main means of communication between the school and home. School newsletters are sent to families via Connect fortnightly on a Thursday.  Since Connect is a new method and to allow parents to become familiar with the usage of Connect, families are also emailed a link to a digital version of the newsletter on our Latest News.

Connect icon 2Usage of Department of Education Connect commenced at Poseidon Primary in 2018.  The majority of public primary and secondary schools are now using Connect.  Connect is a platform for communication between students, parents, teachers and the Front Office.  Students are able to submit work via Connect in the older year groups, a skill that is essential to Secondary schools.  Connect can be accessed on your desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.  Please note that the Connect Now App for mobile phones is for viewing and contributing to notices and discussions. Other features such as accessing the library or submitting work can not be done on the Connect Now App.

To learn how to get started with Connect see the Connect – Parent (Primary) Flyer – September 2018.

For help on the Connect Now Smart Phone App  please see Connect – Step by Step Guide for Parents – September 2018.

If students are requiring some help on Connect please see Connect – Students Primary Flyer.  Should you require a password reset for Connect or log in details, please contact the Front Office on 9307 2356 or sarah.desforges@education.wa.edu.au

We also Facebook for communication; Like Our Page to keep up to date with what’s happening at Poseidon Primary.

Notes with consent forms that require parent signatures are still sent home from the class, so please check with your children to ensure that all notes are handed to you when they come home.  Other notes may also be sent home from class, however we try to limit the amount of this method of communication for environmental purposes and meet our strategic targets in our Business Plan to reduce waste across the school.

 Formal Reporting Schedule

Term 1 Parent Information Session/Welcome Night
Term 2 Formal Mid-Semester Report (Reporting to Parents)
Parent/Teacher Interviews on Reports
Term 3 Learning Journey
NAPLAN Report (Years 3 & 5 ONLY)
Term 4 Formal End of Year Report (Reporting to Parents)
Parent Teacher Interviews on Reports







Formal reporting to parents is carried out twice yearly. The report provides information on the student’s overall performance in relation to the classroom learning program, and informs parents of their child’s progress in relation to:

  • achievement and effort
  • variation from expected level of development where appropriate
  • personal and social development
  • values

Parent/teacher interview time slots will be available on the last days of each Semester to discuss reports after they are distributed.   . Parents are encouraged to approach teachers for an interview if they wish to discuss their child’s report or portfolio.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to be regular visitors to the school.  Throughout the year if you would like to discuss any aspect of your child’s progress, please contact your child’s teacher to arrange a mutually convenient interview time.  On some occasions, teachers may initiate an interview with parents.  We request that parents do not interrupt classes during lesson time. Any urgent need to see teachers can be arranged through the office.  Mrs Melissa Guy(Principal) or Mr Michael Wright (Associate Principal) will be happy to see parents with immediate concerns.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Front Office if you have any concerns or issues. A mutually convenient appointment time can be made to discuss the matter with the school administration or class teacher. A discussion, phone call or letter will usually clear up any queries or misunderstandings. By contacting the school in the first instance, areas of concern are hopefully able to be resolved quickly and effectively.

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