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Factions & Student Leadership

Students are placed in one of three factions for sporting competitions and to promote school pride. The faction system is also used on a regular basis throughout the year to reward good behaviour. Families are placed in the same faction. Coloured faction t-shirts are available from the Uniform Shop and may be worn each Thursday and Friday and at our annual Faction Carnival.

Red Faction – Antaeus

Poseidon students in red Antaeus faction shirts

Teal Faction – Oceanus

Poseidon students in blue Oceanus faction shirts

Gold Faction – Triton

Poseidon students in yellow Triton faction shirts


Student Leadership & Student Councillors

Poseidon Primary provides opportunities for student leadership in the senior years of the school through the roles of student councillors, faction captains and faction vice captains. Students from Years 4 to 6 work with staff to elect representatives to the Student Council, which reports directly to members of the Administration Team. Student Councillors promote the school’s ethos and provide excellent role models for the student body. Councillors run the weekly school assemblies and organise fundraising events for worthy causes such as support for disaster victims and the RSPCA.

Faction captains and vice captains operate the sport shed at recess and lunchtime for student use, assist the physical education teacher with sport equipment and lead their factions at the school athletics carnival.

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