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Personal Property

We strongly discourage the bringing of valuables and toys to school and no responsibility is accepted for loss or damage to student’s personal property. If a personal item is brought in for news, teachers (on request) may place it in a safe place for the day. Please also ensure that all property such as books, pencils, rulers, uniforms etc are clearly named so that lost or mislaid items can be returned to their rightful owners.

Lost Property & Clothing

Any lost property is placed on the pegs in the Olympus block atrium area near the frog pond. Children are encouraged to be responsible with belongings, and named articles will be returned to owners. Please name all articles clearly. Items not claimed at the end of each term are donated either to the P&C for second hand uniforms or are donated to charity.

Mobile Phones and Other Electronic Devices

All student mobile phones, mp3 players, ipads, e-readers and game consoles MUST be handed into the Front Office at the beginning of each school day. This ensures the safety and security of the equipment and removes disturbance and distraction from the classroom. Students can collect their equipment at the end of the day.


Bicycles are to be placed in the bicycle racks provided. Bicycles must be wheeled into and out of the school grounds. The school does not encourage children under the age of 10 to ride bicycles to school. By law, children are required to wear bicycle helmets. For safety reasons, roller blades, scooters and roller skates are not encouraged to be used for going to and from school.

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