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School Assemblies

Assemblies are held at 8.40am on Friday mornings, usually once per fortnight. The dates of assemblies are published in the fortnightly newsletter and are available on our online calendar. During each assembly class items, displays, reports, plays and musical items are presented. Merit certificates are awarded to various children for their efforts or contributions in class. All parents and friends are welcome to attend.

Merit Certificates

Merit certificates are issued to students, usually one or two per class, at each assembly. The children receiving the certificate are being recognised for excellence, achievement and citizenship. Additional certificates may be given for music, physical education, drama or art achievements.

The Star Box

The Star Box acknowledges children who have been consistently behaving in class. Their names are added to The Star Box each week, and five names are drawn out at assembly.  Winners can then choose a reward from the prize box.

Respect & Responsibility Awards

At each assembly, student councillors present two classes with the Respect Award, for keeping bags neat outside classrooms and keeping the school grounds rubbish free, and the Responsibility Award, for lining up quietly outside classrooms and wearing faction shirts.

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