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School Attendance & Student Absences

Regular attendance at school is fundamental to your child’s learning. Consistent attendance and participation are essential for your child’s social and academic learning. As parents or legal guardians of an enrolled child, you are responsible under the School Education Act (1999) to ensure the attendance of your child at school every day. It is important to assist your child’s achievement and learning by making regular school attendance a priority in your child’s life.

Student Absences

In order to comply with the School Education Act (1999), a written explanation is required for each and every absence from school. As part of the school’s legal responsibilities, notes are kept on file by classroom teachers. It would be appreciated if the school could be notified in advance of foreseeable extended absences from school (eg. holidays). When an absence is due to long term sickness, parents may wish to contact their child’s teacher to discuss activities that could be completed at home.

Collecting Students During School Hours

To guarantee the safety and well being of our students, all parents collecting students from school during school hours are required to notify administration and to sign the children out of the school. Parents will then be given a note so teachers will be aware that the appropriate paper work has been completed.

Lunch Arrangements & Leaving School Grounds

To ensure that students eat their lunches before becoming involved in other activities, duty teachers supervise for a ten minute lunch eating period when all children are required to be seated. Children going home for lunch should bring a note to school indicating parental approval to do so. One note is sufficient for students who go home for lunch on a regular basis. Students may not leave school without permission.

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