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Special Medical Issues

A regular review is made for students with special medical needs that may have life threatening consequences i.e. peanut allergies, asthma. The school will notify all families of any pending cases that require assistance in regards to the condition and changes to daily operations within the school.

Allergies & Anaphylaxis

Food allergies are the most common cause of anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction that is potentially life threatening. We have children at our school with severe nut allergies. There is no cure for food allergy, so avoidance of the food is crucial.

We ask parents and carers to support our nut friendly policy and protect students at risk of anaphylaxis by:

  • not sending food that contains nuts (eg peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds etc) or sesame seeds to school
  • teaching your child not to share food at school
  • encouraging your children to wash their hands before and after eating
  • asking your child to get help immediately if their allergic schoolmate gets sick
  • explaining to you child that teasing an allergic schoolmate is bullying and could be life threatening

With your support, we can provide a safe environment for all our students.


Poseidon Primary is an Asthma Friendly school, and our staff have been trained to  ensure the safest possible environment is provided for students with asthma. Please make sure that the school is provided with an Asthma Action Plan, available from the Front Office. The Action Plan should be reviewed regularly by your child’s doctor, and the school notified of any changes. An Asthma Action plan can also include information for the school if your child requires asthma medications prior to sport or at any other time during school hours.

Ensure that your child has their blue reliever puffer and a spacer with them at school, or that this is kept in a place where the child can access it.

Discuss with your child what their early asthma symptoms might be, and help them to feel comfortable asking teachers for assistance if they are having asthma symptoms. If your child is having difficulty recognising symptoms or using his or her medications, please call the Asthma Foundation WA on 1800 645 130 to arrange free asthma education.


We are not permitted by our regulations to dispense tablets or medicines to children without written parental permission and we strongly encourage self-medication wherever feasible. It is preferable that children needing medication are given this by their parents prior to or after attending school. The Department of Education has clear guidelines in this area and parents are required to fill in documentation relating to medication that students need to take while at school. Depending on the medication, this may include the provision of information from your doctor. Please contact the Front Office for more details.

Syringes & Needles

In the event of a student finding a syringe on school property, or on the way to or from school, the student should inform their teacher or the Front Office. Under no circumstances is the child to pick up or dispose of a syringe or needle. Specific arrangements are in place to attend to such an occurrence.

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