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Students at Poseidon Primary wear a school uniform. The School Dress Code is fully supported by the School Board. The aim is to have all children take a pride in their school and personal appearance. We ask for your co-operation in seeing that your children come to school clean, neat and tidy and wearing their uniform.

The P&C Association coordinates the Uniform Shop, which operates on Friday mornings from 8:20am to 9:00am from P&C Central in the Undercover Area.

Please ensure your child’s clothing is labelled with their name.

2019 School Uniform Order Form can be viewed and printed if required.

Please send enquires and/or orders to poseidon.uniforms@gmail.com

Sunsmart Policy

In line with recommendations from the Cancer Council of Western Australia, our school has adopted the “No Hat – No Play” policies. This means that for sport and physical education periods, our children will not be permitted to participate unless they are wearing a hat or approved head-gear. During the lunch and recess breaks, children without hats will be directed to play in the undercover area. School hats are available for purchase from the Uniform Shop. During Terms One and Term Four, please apply sunscreen lotion to exposed skin in the morning.


Recommended footwear throughout the year is sneakers or track shoes. Sandals can be worn in summer. Thongs are not permitted.

School Bags

School bags of suitable size are very necessary equipment to protect books and materials carried to and from school. These should be clearly labelled with your child’s name. A great range of Poseidon school bags are available from the Uniform Shop.

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