Aug 09

Newsletter Vol. 12

Dear Parents and Carers

It’s hard to believe that it is already Week Four of this busy and exciting term.  After a smooth start to the term, where in class the students quickly engaged with their learning, during daily fitness and physical education they began preparing for the planned athletic events.  Interschool Cross Country is scheduled for Week Five.   The Senior Choir will be taking part in the One Big Voice event in Week Five.  The school’s annual Spelling Competition is scheduled to be held in Week 8 which is in between the school’s Faction Athletics Carnival and the Interschool Athletics Carnival.

Our traditional fundraiser of the RSPCA Cupcake Day will be held on Tuesday August 14.  Families are asked to bring their donations to the undercover area in the morning.  Please contact Mrs Mugg if you can help sell the cupcakes from 9:30am.


Peter Blackford



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Jul 26

Newsletter Vol. 11

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back to Term Three and what is shaping up to being another busy and exciting term for the students and staff of our great school. Some of the events that have been scheduled for this term include: the Poseidon Spelling Competition, Book Week, RSPCA Cup Cake Day, Interschool Cross Country, Faction and Interschool Athletics carnivals and the School Photograph Day.

I would like to formally acknowledge the leadership and work of Michael Wright as Acting Principal, as well as both Michelle Porro and Margaret Willett as Acting Associate Prinicipals and Debbie Linehan our Manager Corporate Services whilst I was on extend leave. In particular, for the very effective and sensitive way they worked together to support the school community through the emotional time of Mrs Jo-Ann Why’s sudden passing.

Ms Melissa Boyle will be taking over as the school’s Visual Arts Specialist teacher whilst Mrs Loretta Clark is on leave until the end of this term.  Mrs Wakeb has accepted the responsibility for teaching Drama on Tuesdays for the remainder of the year as Mrs Aarons has decided to reduce her teaching time back to two days per week

Poseidon Primary’s Business Plan for 2018-2020 has now been finalised and is available to view on the Poseidon Primary Website.  Printed copies are also available from the Front Office.

Peter Blackford



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Jul 25

Poseidon Primary Business Plan 2018 – 2020

Poseidon Primary’s Business Plan for 2018-2020 has now been finalised.  Please click the below link to view.

Business Plan Booklet 2018-2020 FINAL



Jul 18

Board Meeting Minutes 28/11/17

Poseidon Primary School Board Meeting Minutes for Tuesday November 28, 2017.

Agenda items covered at the meeting:

  • Welcome & Apologies
  • Minutes of Previous Meetings
  • School Templates
  • Correspondence
  • Voluntary Contributions
  • School Development Days
  • School Garden Update
  • Board Meeting Dates for 2018
  • Board Chair Report
  • Community Q&A
  • Board Transition
  • Other Business

Click below for the ratified minutes for the meeting on November 28, 2017.
Board Meeting Minutes 28-11-2017

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Jun 29

Newsletter Vol. 10

Dear Parents and Carers

What a busy and exciting term we have had with dancing lessons, NAPLAN, interschool sport and the lightning carnival which was held last Friday.  All these have been combined with meaningful and creative learning programs that teachers have been implementing in all classrooms throughout the school.  I know that both students and staff are looking forward to the holiday break after such a challenging, rewarding and productive semester of learning.

There has been a change in date for the Photo Day.  The whole school including all year levels and sibling photos will be taken on Tuesday August 7.  Photo order envelopes will be sent home early in Term 3.

As this is the last newsletter before the end of term, I would like to thank ALL staff, for the dedicated and professional manner in which they have worked together as a team, to provide high quality education for all our students.

I hope that all families have a relaxing, enjoyable and safe break from school and look forward to seeing everyone again on Tuesday July 17, when school resumes.


Michael Wright



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