Chaplaincy Program

Chaplains aim to support young people and their communities who may be facing challenging personal and social issues. They listen, understand and refer to extra help, if it’s appropriate.


School chaplains make a valuable contribution to the social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of school communities across Western Australia. This might include support and guidance about ethics, values, relationships and helping students engage with the broader community. They are part of the school’s pastoral care team.


School chaplains are there to listen and provide a supportive place to talk. They offer confidential, non-judgmental pastoral care and programs based on respect, compassion and service. Chaplains are trained in pastoral care, with ongoing training opportunities provided to specialize in critical incidences, community members living in isolation and mental health initiatives.


Examples of programs supported by chaplains include: programs related to mental health, friendships, conflict resolution, self-esteem and grief and loss, among many others. Chaplains also assist the school community by helping families to access information, services and support based on their individual needs.


If you would like for a student to see the school chaplain, please fill out the Chaplain Referral Form and email to or contact the office for a paper copy.


Our Chaplain also lead the Playground Leaders program at Poseidon, providing self-nominated students from Year 5/6  with training and ongoing support. The Playground leaders help the students to solve little disputes in the playground.


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