The Poseidon Primary School community is committed to the development of a sustainable school. We endeavour to use best sustainability practices to develop each students personal understanding, knowledge and empathy for environmental issues. Through ongoing programs that develop environmental consciousness and more sustainable ways of doing everyday activities, we strive to make our school environment a more pleasant place to work, play and live. 


Poseidon Primary School is both a Waste Wise and Water Wise School. This has been achieved through the continued work in reducing, reusing and recycling within our school. Our recycling hub is organised by our Year 6 students and staff members, collecting recyclable materials during recess and lunch time to raise money for Year 6 events.   


Garden Club

The Garden Club is run by our Sustainability students and parent and staff volunteers. Students have the opportunity to get their hands dirty planting and harvesting vegetables in the school garden. This provides time for students to build a strong connection with the environment. Garden Club days will be advertised on our website calendar. Our students assist us each year with Tree planting day to ensure we keep on adding young plants, punnets, and trees to the school ground.

Our students also assisted with the establishment of the Pocket Forest in 2022. This Miyawaki Forest initiated through Murdoch University and the Harry Butler Institute, assisted with the design of a small Pocket Forest on the grounds of Poseidon. The students have ongoing sessions with Dr Grey, monitoring the forest, growth and practical sessions with each class scheduled regularly.


Chicken Coop

Our Sustainability Students are on roster every day during recess and lunch to ensure our hens or “girls” as we call them are happy and well looked after. They are responsible for checking the food and water containers, rinsing the water containers and collecting eggs. These students also supervise students in the Chicken area who would like to visit the chickens.


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