Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

Poseidon Primary School has agreed beliefs about teaching and learning. Students are engaged in developing thinking skills, using technology, understanding social and emotional intelligence and cooperative learning. Our school-wide pedagogy is the core of our school’s identity and provides students with a consistency of teaching, learning and assessment, built on from year to year by our dedicated teachers, inspiring our students to develop a passion for learning.


The Poseidon Primary community works as a team in a friendly, flexible environment where people matter. The values of inclusivity and care are inherent, creating positive relationships at all levels. Collaboration fosters the development of shared leadership, and all staff have a direct role in decision making, resulting in a dynamic learning environment.


In all areas of the school, learners are self-motivated. We strive for excellent literacy and numeracy outcomes for all student whilst valuing the needs of the individual. Teachers negotiate the curriculum and provide inquiry based learning opportunities that challenge each student. Every student experiences success.


Innovative teaching is embraced and supported through a culture of knowledge sharing and listening that is embedded in the school routines and structures. We focus on partnerships between parents, teachers and students to improve academic, social and emotional outcomes for all students. The school council, P & C and parent networks together build an effective learning community.


Together we make a difference to lifelong learning,
creating opportunities together



School Ethos


The ethos of Poseidon Primary is to provide a stimulating environment which promotes caring, tolerant and independent individuals who value their achievements and those of others within the community.


We believe our purpose is to ensure that all students develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve their individual potential and contribute positively to society.

We want our students to grow to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and actions, display independence and as a result, develop a positive self-image.

The staff of the school is committed to providing a safe and caring environment, where individual differences are both recognised and catered for.

We recognise and strongly encourage the contributions of the school community.


Core Values

The teaching and non-teaching staff at Poseidon are experienced and have a strong team ethic, working together to attain the best possible outcomes for our students. The actions of all staff, students and the wider school community are guided by our four core values.


At Poseidon Primary School we promote:

  • Innovative Teaching: Embracing the responsible use of technologies to enhance learning.
  • Relationships and Collaboration: Working collaboratively to build positive and productive relationships and achieve agreed outcomes.
  • Caring and Inclusivity: Providing a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment where all of our school community is valued.
  • Sustainability: Encouraging and promoting proactive attitudes towards a sustainable future.
    In stating these values we acknowledge that the words alone are not sufficient. It is the actions and decisions based on these values which are important.



School Wide Pedagogy

Pedagogy is the method and practice of teaching. Pedagogical beliefs, values and organisational structure frame how we teach and how our students learn. An agreed school wide pedagogy is a critical factor in the creation of a learning environment that results in improved outcomes for all students.


At Poseidon Primary School we combine four elements  to create our school wide pedagogy.


  • Learning to Learn Together: Cooperatively using whole school programs utilising a range of flexible teaching and learning strategies.
  • Differentiation: Maximise individual student’s success by differentiation learning experiences to match identified needs.
  • Social & Emotional Learning: Nurture each student to develop social and emotional awareness.
  • 21st Century Learners: Allowing students to evolve into active citizens who contribute to and understand their place in the world and their effect on it.

The staff at Poseidon Primary create opportunities together by developing a shared understanding of our school wide pedagogy and accept collective responsibility for nurturing student learning. This shared approach to teaching and learning provides a springboard for an innovative and dynamic school. 

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